Apparel Robotics

The next step in automated, flexible, apparel manufacturing


Domestic labor costs are high which forces the apparel industry into unsustainable and offshore production practices. Apparel Robotics enables onshoring capabilities with our robotic cells, which use our unique Airbender Series Grippers, adaptive end-of-arm-tooling Iris RM, and a custom vision system all built from the ground up to work with fabric-like materials. Our technology is the crucial next step towards a fully automated, flexible, and local apparel manufacturing.


Handling deformable objects with robots is hard. We develop solutions to make it easy.

R&D Services

Achieving our goal of autonomous apparel manufacturing requires solving a number of technical challenges. We’ve had a head start but are happy to collaborate and share our expertise with others in a WIN-WIN partnership.

Fabric-Like Material Industries

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